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A photo recap from the SPN Meetup with Layered Innovations

More than 85 people turned out at House of Loom for the SPN Meetup with Layeredi on Wednesday. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

The SPN Meetup with Layered Innovations (Layeredi) on Wednesday night stacked up all the right pieces for a great night of networking on the Prairie. 

The crowd proved steady as we welcomed more than 85 people throughout the night to House of Loom, a new downtown hotspot. At the meetup, there were group conversations of all sizes with a good blend of first-time meetup-goers and veteran attendees. 

As the meetup sponsor, Layeredi’s John Grange and Dusty Davidson made welcoming remarks and shared more about the introductory phases of their “end-to-end” content services platform. To follow up with the team and learn more about the upcoming launch of the new Layeredi website, see layeredi.com. Many thanks to Layeredi for sponsoring the first meetup of the new year.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming meetups, see our 2012 SPN events schedule and contact Jeff Slobotski at jeff@siliconprairienews.com or Geoff Wood at geoff@siliconprairienews.com to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.


 A sampling of the connections made at the SPN Meetup with Layeredi. Image from Twitter. 

Attendees gather and begin to mingle at the start of the night. Photo by Kira Olson. 

Decorative Jenga pieces build the layers and play up the theme of this meetup with Layeredi. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

Attendees discuss hot topics of the night over a few drinks. Photo by Brittany Mascio.

More attendees filter into the venue and begin networking. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

 A crowd shot from the back of the house as the attendees begin to spill into the bar. Photo by Brittany Mascio.

Many thanks to House of Loom for playing the host venue to our event. Photo by Kira Olson.

Cracking smiles over cocktails, guests Michael Young (left) and Corey Spitzer enjoy a few laughs with House of Loom staff. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

 Attendees chat, mingle and order craft cocktails, signatures of House of Loom. Photo by Brittany Mascio.  

Layeredi’s John Grange and Dusty Davidson pose after introducing their new company. Photo by Brittany Mascio.

A view of the crowd during the Layeredi welcoming remarks. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

At House of Loom, eclectic furnishings are key components and add to the atmosphere. Photo by Kira Olson. 

Attendees continue to shuffle into the venue throughout the night, mixing into the crowd. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

A peek from behind the bar at House of Loom. Photo by Brittany Mascio.  

A few small tchotchkes help celebrate one of the many “layers” of Layeredi at the meetup. Photo by Kira Olson. 

Attendees continue to mingle beyond the end of the three-hour meetup. Photo by Brittany Mascio. 

Thanks again to Layeredi, House of Loom and all those who stopped by the meetup. For a full list of all our Silicon Prairie News events see our 2012 SPN events schedule

Disclosure: Silicon Prairie News co-founder Dusty Davidson is a partner and co-founder of Layeredi.

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