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A photo and video roundup of the Nebraska Summit and SPN Meetup

More than 70 people joined Silicon Prairie News and Jelecos for our meetup on Feb. 24 immediately following the Nebraska Summit on Entrepreneurship.

A record number of close to 600 entrepreneurial-minded folks joined Nebraska Entrepreneur for the day-long conference that featured keynote speeches from Christian RenaudMary Ann O’Brien and Steve Kiene. The meetup that followed served as a networking session during which attendees talked about the happenings of the conference but also delved into deeper conversation and built connections.

For us, this meetup served as a way to meet with diverse crowd than we continue to see with each and every meetup we’ve held so far this year. In addition to the high number of developers and entrepreneurs, plenty of other folks — from accountants to attorneys — were present.

Our thanks to Jelecos for sponsoring this meetup. Look to Jelecos’ job opportunities to learn more about joining the company’s growing team.

For more from the Summit and the meetup that followed, see the video above featuring Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News and Sarah Tucker of Jelecos welcoming people to the meetup, and check out the photos below.

To read our coverage of the Nerbaska Summit on Entrepreneurship, see our past posts.

A record number of people attended the Nebraska Summit on Entrepreneurship. 

Michael Stacy of Silicon Prairie News presents his panel focused on student entrepreneurs.

Summit attendees chat after the conference close.

SPN spokesrodent Analog the Prairie Dog poses by the Jelecos display.

Convesation from the day’s conference continuess into the SPN Meetup with Jelecos.

Attendees stopped by the Silicon Prairie News meetup with Jelecos following the Summit. 

Credits: Photos and video by Brittany Mascio and Danny Schreiber. 

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