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Silicon Prairie Map now features year founded, descriptions and Twitter

Since our post about the Silicon Prairie News map in October, we’ve been working hard and dreaming big about its potential. Beyond being a resource for startups in the region to discover new startups, we’ve updated each pin to include more information, such as office address (when available), a short description, year founded and Twitter handle. From this we’ve compiled two Twitter lists, one of Silicon Prairie Startups and one of Silicon Prairie Startup Founders. Following these lists should help you keep current with all the action on the Silicon Prairie.

To help give you a better understanding of the region, we have color and shape distinctions to indicate if a startup is “funded (angel or VC), full-time employee(s)” (green pin), “bootstrapped, full-time employee(s)” (purple pin) or “bootstrapped, part-time employee(s)” (blue pin). We are currently updating the information as its collected and looking for a solution to the problem of overlapping pins within high density areas on the map.

Over the coming months, expect updates to the map to improve its usability. Our hope is to create functionality such as being able to isolate specific groups within the map by city, type of startup or funding. Eventually we would also like to incorporate startup logos to maintain the value of company branding.

While the map is still a work in progress, we would love to hear your feedback and suggested updates. What would make the Silicon Prairie News map most useful for you and your business? Have you seen an online map that really hit it out of the park? Add your thoughts or suggestions in a comment below, or send them our way, editor@siliconprairienews.com.


Check out the Silicon Prairie News map at siliconprairienews.com/map  or submit your startup, coworking space or funding source for inclusion on the map through this form.

The Silicon Prairie Map is brought to you by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

The Omaha Chamber is dedicated to being the catalyst that makes Greater Omaha a “vibrant place to do business, work and live” and is one of the most active Chambers we know of in terms of its dedication of time and resources towards the local startup community.

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