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Announcing four more Big Omaha 2012 speakers; waitlist now live

Four founders join the Big Omaha speaking roster today, ready to speak to a packed house in May.

We’re thrilled to announce four incredible additions to our Big Omaha 2012 lineup: Ayah BdeirTed RheingoldPhilip Rosedale and Joey Primiani. Learn more about the newest speakers below and read about all of our speakers on bigomaha.com.

When visiting the Big Omaha site, you may notice more details and designs since our last update. We’re excited to announce that this year’s full site is now live. A special thanks to our brand and identity partner, Oxide Design, for their beautiful design and penmanship.


Big Omaha 2012 tickets have sold out (they went fast!), but we’re doing our best to fit as many attendees as possible into our venue. To have an opportunity at a possible ticket release, please sign up for our waitlist. Up until the week of the event, we hope to add more attendees to this year’s event.

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Welcome four more Big Omaha speakers!

The latest additions to the Big Omaha 2012 speaker slate bring our speaker count to nine entrepreneurs and innovators from around the country. As we continue to announce the full lineup, stay tuned to Silicon Prairie News for the lastest.

Ayah Bdeir 



Ayah Bdeir is the inventor and founder of littleBits, an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping and play. She is also the founder of Karaj, Beirut’s lab for experimental art, architecture and technology and does commercial work and commissions with collaborators under art&d studio. Bdeir received her masters degree from the MIT Media Lab and Computer Engineering and Sociology degree from the American University of Beirut and she was named a 2012 TED Fellow. 

Ted Rheingold

SAY Media 


Ted Rheingold is an accidental entrepreneur, start-up investor and advisor and currently VP of Social at SAY Media after their acquisition of Dogster, Inc., a business he founded in 2004. Ted broke into tech in 1996 knowing roughly half of HTML 2 after a year in Bangladesh and an expectation of never working in for-profit sector. Ted’s goal, going back to his degree in International Relations is to help people optimize their lives through cooperation, consensus and sociality.

Philip Rosedale

Coffee & Power


Philip Rosedale is the founder and chairman of the board with Second Life/Linden Lab. He started his first software company at age 16 and in 1995, he created the Internet videoconferencing software FreeVue and sold the company to RealNetworks. In 1999, he started to pursue his dream of creating open-ended internet-connected virtual world, founding Linden Lab and creating Second Life. In 2010, he created LoveMachine with Ryan Downe. Currently, he is working on Coffee & Power and Worklist.net.


Joey Primiani



Joey Primiani is the founder of Backplane, a community platform driven to unite people around interests, affinities and movements. He was recently named 25 Under 25 by Business Insider. Before starting Backplane, Joey worked at Google responsible for the user experience design for search and creator of Cortex, the fastest growing sharing application on chrome. 



Thanks to our sponsors!

We are proud to have the support of a group of amazing sponsors. Help us to show our appreciation to them for making Big Omaha a reality by thanking them on Twitter.

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are still available and each spot comes with at least two reserved tickets. For more information, contact Geoff Wood at geoff@siliconprairienews.com


Credits: Photos by Malone & Company. Big Omaha branding and identity by Oxide Design. Speaker photos provided by Ayah Bdeir, Ted Rheingold,  Philip Rosedale and Joey Primiani, respectfully. 

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