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Cognovant raises $500k, nears release of first product, PocketHealth

PocketHealth, which allows users to manage their own health records from a mobile device, is scheduled to launch this month.

Cognovant, a Kansas City, Mo.-based startup that specializes in personal health record technology for mobile devices, announced today that it has closed a $500,000 seed round. That capital will help fund Cognovant’s first product, a mobile application called PocketHealth.

PocketHealth is a personal health record designed to capture data that allows users to manage their wellness. With PocketHealth, medical information is controlled by the user, encrypted and stored on the user’s mobile device. The application aims to offer user-friendliness while meeting medical industry standards. Cognovant says PocketHealth has “pick lists and smart searches so you don’t need to know all the medical terms,” but also that the app is “based on international data standards with the same foundation as a full electronic medical record.”

Cognovant has for some time projected a May launch for PocketHealth, and Cognovant president and CEO Dr. Joe Ketcherside (left) said in an email today the app should hit the market in a couple of weeks after final testing. PocketHealth Essentials will be available for free download in the App Store and Google Play, and paid upgrades PocketHealth PHR (for individuals interested in managing more complex health issues) and PocketHealth Family (for multiple individuals) will also be available.

Cognovant was officially established last summer, and today’s funding announcement marks one of the most significant milestones in the startup’s development to this point.

“This seed round of funding enabled development of PocketHealth and its forthcoming introduction into the Android and iOS markets,” Ketcherside said in the release. “PocketHealth is an easy-to-use empowerment tool for anyone who juggles multiple medications or medical conditions, for parents who must keep track of their kids’ immunizations, for caregivers who manage appointments, and for anyone who is tired of filling out the same forms at the doctor’s office over and over again.”

Added Stan Pestotnik, Cognovant’s chief strategy officer: “PocketHealth’s product line will continue to expand as we release more powerful features and condition-specific modules currently in development.” 


Credits: PocketHealth image from cognovant.com. Photo of Ketcherside from linkedin.com.

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