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Prairie Portrait: Brady Churchill, University of Nebraska at Omaha junior

Name: Brady Churchill

Bio: I am a junior at University Nebraska at Omaha working on a startup called Betterboo.com. My Catch phrase is “Geeking with Technology,” and I am actively involved in Dr. Eesley’s Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization on campus.

Title: Chief Information Officer at Betterboo

Age: 21

Residence: Omaha, Neb.

Website: betterboo.com/blog

Twitter: @betterboobrady

Intro music: The Show Goes On,” by Lupe Fiasco.

Silicon Prairie News: When and how did BetterBoo first catch your eye, and what drove your decision to become involved with the startup?

Brady Churchill: I initially met Nick Chmura, the founder of Betterboo.com, last October at the National CEO Conference in Fort Worth. He spoke again at the Midwest CEO Conference hosted at Mammel Hall in March. From there, on I was determined to help him out with this innovative way to shop. He gave me a month trial run to make sure I brought value to the company (kept me around ever since), and our relationship grew exponentially from there.

SPN: How are things progressing with the new version of BetterBoo? What can people expect from it?

BC: Things are progressing extremely fast. We have completely revamped the platform since I came on board and are in the middle of development as we speak. Right now we have a landing page asking for an email for an exclusive access code at relaunch mid-late August. I explain the concept as this: With Pinterest you “pin” the things you like, with Betterboo you will “box” the things you want. The release of the new platform will be epic!

SPN: Given that “geeking with technology” is your catchphrase, what are two new tech tools or toys that you’re currently geeking out about?

BC: Funny you should say that. I saved up four checks in high school and bought a MacBook and have been an Apple guy ever since. “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” So my top toy would have to be my iPad 3 — it is amazing what the machine can do. Next would be the Apple TV and the streaming it allows between all four of my Apple devices (along with laptop and iPhone 4S).

SPN: What are a three of the most important skills or lessons you’ve learned through your involvement with the College Entrepreneurs Organization?

BC: I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for my Entrepreneurial Family led by Dr. Eesley. Their support and constantly picking their brains for wisdom is extraordinary. If I had to sum it up in three points: 1) Aside from speakers, networking is the other half of the experience. 2) Reach out and take opportunities — the experience gained is priceless. 3) You are the average of the top five people you hang out with.

SPN: Time for a token gift question because of your work with BetterBoo. What’s the best give you’ve ever been given? What about the most hilariously bad gift you’ve received?

BC: The best gift Ive ever been given would have to be my Grandpa’s turquoise ring after he passed away. On the other side, the most hilarious but yet frequently used gift I have received would be the hot pink Snuggie I got last Christmas as a white elephant gift.

Credits: Photo courtesy of Churchill.

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