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OneLouder aims to help users cut through Twitter noise with Slices

OneLouder’s new app, Slices, enables users to divide their timeline into customizable categories. 

Topping out at 140 characters, a singular tweet is seldom a deafening thing. But when a Twitter feed is crowded with the cacophony of tweet after tweet after tweet after tweet — with no two tweets about the same subject — it can get a tad noisy.

Now, OneLouder believes it has just the thing to cut through that noise: Slices. A Kansas City, Mo.-based developer of mobile, social apps, OneLouder today announced the release of Slices, an application aimed at simplifying and organizing Twitter feeds.   

“Slices brings content discovery to the forefront,” OneLouder president Evan Conway said in a release. “A directory of Twitter, syncing across mobile and the web, and the ability to organize your Timeline make it a completely new way to experience Twitter.”

The Slices mobile app is available for free download in the App Store, on Google Play and in the Amazon Appstore. Ad-free versions of the mobile apps is available for $4.99. Registration for the beta of a web-based version can be submitted at slices.me

Slices draws its name from the “Timeline Slicer,” a feature similar to Twitter Lists that enables users to divide the accounts they follow into customizable categories, or “slices.” Users can create separate slices for friends’ tweets, work-related tweets and tweets pertaining to different hobbies or interests.

Other Slices features include a Twitter directory with 21 categories designed to help users find people and lists to follow; “Live Events” streams with tweets on the top sports contests, TV shows or other events du jour; and a bookmark function to allow users quick access to their favorite accounts or lists.

Slices automatically synchronizes all activity between the mobile app and web interface.

OneLouder, which we last covered following the January release of 1Weather has had more than 25 million downloads across its suite of apps. The company’s other offerings include TweetCaster, FriendCaster, SportCaster, ChannelCaster, BaconReader and 1Weather.

For more on OneLouder’s latest app, see the short video below. 


Credit: Screenshot from OneLouderApps on YouTube. Video from OneLouderApps on Youtube.

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