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Watch the eight pitches of Startup Weekend Omaha (Video)

John Henry Müller (standing, left) and Mike Crowley pitch Small Potatoes Co., a marketplace for local food lovers.

After the winner of the fourth Startup Weekend Omaha was named Sunday, event judge Mark Crawford, CEO of Invest Nebraska, called the eigtht ideas pitched “extremely diverse.”

“It wasn’t all software,” event judge Bart Dillashaw, an attorney and the president of the Nebraska Angels, said. “You had some hardware and stuff that was like games.”

On Monday, we wrote about the competition’s winner, SimplyFi, a concept for a Wi-Fi router and extender. Today, we present video of all eight teams that pitched.

  • 00:00 – Small Potatoes Co.: A website that connects lovers of locally grown produce with their neighborhood gardeners so none of the good stuff goes to waste. (Pitched by John Henry Müller and Mike Crowley)
  • 05:06 – ActivityPass: A way to share photos and videos of youth activities in a safe online environment. (Pitched by Jeff Cogswell and Jamie Thomason)
  • 10:45 – Scramble Fit: A mobile app that provides users a random six-step, full-body workout. (Pitched by Brady Churchill)
  • 15:42 – Water Bear Games: A website that provides a place where users can download print-and-play board games and designers can upload games for review. (Pitched by Marcus Ross and Cara Heacock)
  • 20:20 – Let’s Brew: Helps beer fans become brewers. (Pitched by Dan Sweeney)
  • 25:33 – Shake Box: A self-service kiosk for custom protein shakes. (Pitched by Patrick Stevens)
  • 30:57 – Common Unity: An online community that connects international and local students and provides resources for students studying abroad. (Pitched by: Pitched by Brian Fritzsche, Yukiko Yamada and Nate Chapman)
  • 36:15 – SimplyFi: A wireless network that’s simple to set up, simple to expand and simple to manage. (Pitched by Sourabh Chakraborty)

Read about the winner, SimplyFi: “Wi-Fi product promising simplicity wins Startup Weekend Omaha“.

Learn more about the teams, including which technologies they used, at startupweekend.org.


Note: Silicon Prairie News is a media sponsor of Startup Weekend Omaha.

Credits: Video by Danny Schreiber.

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