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OneLouder releases Live 140, a curated guide to TV-related tweets

Live 140 gives users access to curated lists of Tweets about TV shows (left) and sporting events (right).

For a segment of television viewers, the Twitter conversation about what’s on TV has become entertainment equal to — or greater than, some would argue — the television programming that inspires it.

Take, for instance, the presidential debate on Oct. 22: During the 90-minute event, debate-related conversation accounted for some 6.5 million tweets, including more than 105,000 tweets per minute at the apex of activity. 

It’s with those sorts of staggering statistics in mind that OneLouder, a Kansas City, Mo.-based company that makes social mobile applications, introduced its newest app, Live 140, last week. Dubbed by OneLouder as “the first mobile Twitter Guide for TV,” Live 140 provides users curated lists of Twitter accounts and search results to follow for conversation focused on specific programming.

“The ‘second screen’ TV watching experience is growing with a record number of tweets being sent during live events and TV programs,” OneLouder president Evan Conway said in a release. “The problem is that it still hard to know who to follow on Twitter. Live 140 simplifies this for mobile users providing instant access to pre-curated Twitter streams on the top TV shows and other live events.”

Live 140 lets users choose from a selection of hundreds of shows and other televised events, like sports and election coverage. The app is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play. A premium version of Live 140 can be purchased for $4.99.


Credits: Screenshots from Live 140 in Google Play.

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