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SketchCamp offers opportunity to learn “common tool” Saturday

If you can write your name with a pen, pencil or marker, you can sketch, or so say the organizers of SketchCamp Des Moines on Saturday.

With an aim to empower attendees to discover their sketching ability and to better think through things visually, Design+Tech and AIGA Iowa are teaming up to hold the one-day event at StartupCity Des Moines.

“The whole goal is to bring everyone together and be like, ‘Hey, this is a common tool that we can all use and it also helps us work together better,’ ” BitMethod‘s Amanda Morrow, the organizer of Design+Tech, said in a recent interview with Silicon Prairie News.

“When I work with Neil (Roberts), he can sketch just as well as I can but we’re from two different backgrounds so that’s kind of the idea behind it,” Morrow (below, right) said. “(It’s) like, ‘Hey, we have this common thing that we can do. Let’s all use it to better understand one another.’ “

SketchCamp Des Moines is inspired by other SketchCamps throughout the country, the first appeared in San Francisco in 2011. Earlier this year, Design+Tech held Mini SketchCamp Des Moines.

Individuals and teams from all disciplines and skill sets are encouraged to attend – whether you’re a user experience designer or marketing professional, Morrow said.

The event’s schedule features two morning keynote speakers, a provided lunch and three afternoon breakout sessions. More information and registration ($25) can be found at sketchcampdsm.com.

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Credits: Amanda Morrow photo courtesy of Morrow. 

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