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CoVis Coworking brings shared workspace to west Omaha


CoVis opened its doors in April, driven by the desire of founder Skid Vis to offer coworking in west Omaha.

A coworking space opened in April aims to serve as a hub for those looking to get out of basements and coffee shops in and around west Omaha.

After several months of operation, CoVis Coworking, located near 107th Avenue and Pacific Street, currently serves five full-time occupants and one part-time occupant, not including community manager Lisa Davis and founder Skid Vis

The idea for CoVis came from Vis, a web developer who was looking for a change of scenery.

“In late December of 2011, I found myself wanting to get out of the house and do some writing,” Vis said in an email interview. “CAMP Coworking in the Mastercraft building was the obvious choice, but being from west Omaha, I couldn’t justify making the trip back and forth often.”

So Vis decided to start his own coworking space in west Omaha that wouldn’t have a negative effect on CAMP, which closed earlier this year.

“I contacted (CAMP owner) Megan Hunt for her blessing,” Vis said. “She was just wonderful and pointed me in the direction of others in west Omaha looking for just that.”

Several months later, on April 1, CoVis opened its doors.

One can rent a desk at CoVis for $400 per month, and a spot at an open table is $300 per month. There are also rates for those who would only use the space for several days per month or week, and a drop-in rate of $25 per day.

The key for CoVis so far has been the people who have advised Vis and come to work there, he said. “I’d like to tell you what has made it successful, but I can’t,” Vis said. “It’s not a matter of what; it’s a matter of who.”

For a look inside the space, see the photos below. For additional information, visit the CoVis website.

Credits: Photos from CoVis Coworking on Facebook.  

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