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Gitpilot out to simplify organization, collaboration for developers

A new app released last month by a team from Lincoln is out to make the lives of software developers easier.

Gitpilot, created by JP Richardson (far left) and Corey Collins (near left), facilitates collaboration between developers working on the same project and helps them maintain different versions of the software they’re working on.

The app also provides visibility for software developer teams to see who is working on what and allows them to organize their work into iterations.

“That is, teams can build and release new features in a weekly or monthly cycle,” Richardson said. “However, the cycle length is up to the team.”

The idea for Gitpilot came from a discussion the co-founders had about a previous project they had worked on.

“Corey and I were talking about our previous startup about how it’d be great if we had the perfect project management tool to help us keep track of what each of us are doing,” Richardson said. “Corey threw in the concept of integration with Git. Gitpilot was born.

“We use Gitpilot to develop Gitpilot so we can tweak it while developing on it.”

The team is not looking for investment but is interested in continuing to tweak the app in order to improve functionality.

“Currently, Gitpilot is free on the app store as we are very interested in learning about teams problems with Git and collaboration on software projects,” Richardson said. “If any teams are interested in working with us, we’d love to build more case studies.”

For more on Gitpilot, watch this short video below.

Credits: Photo of Richardson from Twitter.com. Photo of Collins from facebook.com . Video from gitpilot.com 

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