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Welcome to Adknowledge, one of SPN's Kansas City Launch Partners

About our Kansas City Launch Partners: Thanks to the generous support of our Kansas City Launch Partners, Silicon Prairie News is able to bring aboard full-time team members and establish an office in Kansas City. Look for posts highlighting our other Kansas City Launch Partners in the coming days.


Today we’re excited to introduce our third sponsor among an amazing group of businesses whose support is making our full-time presence in Kansas City possible.

AdKnowledge, the largest privately-owned internet advertising network, creates products that connect advertisers to audiences in hard-to-reach places on the web, such as email, social networks and mobile. More than 10,000 advertisers use Adknowledge to promote their offers.

Founded in 2003, AdKnowledge employs more than 130 employees in Kansas City, its global headquarters. It has domestic offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Ft. Myers, Fla. and New York, and international offices in the United Kingdom and Canada.

In Kansas City, this sponsorship will help us at Silicon Prairie News as we hire full-time employees, expand our coverage and hold regular and major events.

Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg (right) and I have visited over the last few months about where Adknowledge is heading, including its plans to hire several hundred more employees in the near future.

I asked Ben to share a bit about why he’s excited about the emerging startup community in the Kansas City area. Here’s what he had to say:

Kansas City is a very entrepreneurial town. Today’s K.C. business giants – like Hallmark, Cerner and Garmin – were once startups, and there seem to be many more potential giants in the pipeline. We’re committed to supporting Silicon Prairie News in its mission of telling the business community, and the world, about what’s coming next.

Adknowledge is one of the companies in that ‘what’s next’ conversation, but it’s also very much ‘what’s now’. That’s why we’re so ambitious in looking for the best talent. In fact, we expect to hire about 40 more people in K.C. in 2013 – a 30% increase to the current Kansas City Adknowledge team – in addition to our other hiring around the world.

It means a great deal to have the support of the Adknowledge team involved in our efforts at Silicon Prairie News as we move forward.


Credits: Ben Legg photo from adknowledge.com

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