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New: Feature your job listing on SPN

Our Friday job posts have a new addtion: featured job listings, an opportunity for employers to grab the attention of our creative, innovative and entrepreneurial-minded audience.

Job posts are one of our most-read posts each week, and for good reason. Each is packed with career opportunities to be a part of the Silicon Prairie’s tech, creative and startup scene.

The posts popularity have brought a flood of job listings – now averaging more than 50 weekly – and with that, some have the potential to be lost among the pack. Featured job listings get jobs noticed.

Starting at $50 per week, employers can have their job featured at the top of the post. This featured listing includes a company logo, short job description and a highlighted link to apply to the position (below). The job will also be included in the categorized listings, giving job seekers two chances to catch the opportunity.

We think posting a job on Silicon Prairie News is the best way to connect with the top talent in the region and beyond. But you don’t need to take our word for it.

Kim Mickelsen, Bozell:

“We already have some excellent candidates, over 60 percent of which are from other parts of the country and excited about the prospects in Omaha.”

Chad Eacker, Delinea Design:

“(Silicon Prairie News) has directed some of the best applicants to our business. The individuals that follow Silicon Prairie tend to be younger, more creative and talented.”

Josiah Thomas, RecoEngine.com:

“Our RecoEngine.com web developer job posting was getting no hits for 4 months on other sites and within 1 month of posting the job with Silicon Prairie News we found our first team member!”

Tracy Read, Syncbak:

“I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for covering our job openings. We recently had an applicant credit SPN for seeing the opportunity, so thank you!”

Submit a job listing

To feature a job listing, in the job submission form select how many weeks you’d like to feature it and provide a short job description.

To learn more about other ways to feature your company on Silicon Prairie News, contact me at geoff@siliconpriarienews.com.

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