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A call for artists to exhibit at our Big Series events

A sampling of art installations from our 2012 events.

It’s our goal at Silicon Prairie News to produce events that deliver a comprehensive experience. From the moment our attendees walk in the door, we aim to present an environment conducive to learning, exploring, interacting and collaborating. The elements in the event space play an important role to achieve this atmosphere and with The Big Series art installations and exhibits, we aim to create this fully-engaged experience. 

We are currently looking to work with artists from the Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines area to create pieces for our 2013 Big Series conferences to help us bring an exceptional experience to our attendees.

Submit your Big Series Art Proposal

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with more a dozen artists – those who challenge the boundaries, those who present on a different medium and those who utilize technology – to bring a truly unique experience to each and every conference.

Just as important as the valuable content delivered on our stage, are the art installations in the nooks, lounges and hallways that help create moments of discovery and interaction, instances that truly impact the relationships at our events. We are looking for those skilled artists, creators and innovators to help advance this message.

What we’re looking for

We’re open to all sorts of ideas, but here are a few things we’ll be looking for when we select our featured artists:

  • Installations that engage and encourage interaction among our attendees
  • Art that calls to mind our focus on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • New ideas that push the envelope for a conference experience
  • Exhibitions that can be shared (e.g. tweeted, uploaded to Facebook or Instagram) 

What we provide

  • Complimentary ticket ($449 value)
  • Small honorarium
  • Exposure on particular The Big Series event website (listed next to speakers)
  • Coverage on Silicon Prairie News

Submit your idea

If you’re interested in creating work that pushes the boundaries of inspiration, entrepreneurship and innovation, we want your help. Please fill out our art proposal form with a brief description of your idea.

Our past artists have created work on a variety of mediums, from digital to traditional. We’re open to new ideas that push the boundaries. 

2013 event dates and locations

Past Art Installations 

The Big Series art installations have taken different forms each year. Below are a few examples from the past that serve as an example to the types of work we’ll be interested in for 2013.




Credits: Big Omaha photos by Malone and Co | Big Omaha. Thinc Iowa photos by Anna Jones | Art of Photography and Phillip Harder.

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