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CNN@SXSW captures Silicon Prairie, Kansas Sen. Moran in Austin (Video)

CNN last Saturday premiered its roundup of more than a week’s worth of coverage of this year’s South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas. “The annual SXSW festival is where the tools developed in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are turned into the culture of today,” said CNN producer Josh Rubin, the host of the 30-minute special.

That “elsewhere” includes the Silicon Prairie, and for about five minutes at nearly the halfway point show, the spotlight was on the region as CNN interviewed Alexis Ohanian, one of the producers of the “Silicon Prairie” documentary.

Here’s a snippet of what Ohanian says in the special:

“So the reason why Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley is because basically a bunch of nerds got wealthy and started investing it in other nerds, who also did well, who invested and the cycle continued. The startup communities everywhere else haven’t matured for nearly as long. In another sort of cycle you’re going to start seeing really comparable startup communities because now all these other areas have had the time to mature and really just be awesome.”

The Silicon Prairie’s CNN cameo, which also includes an interview with Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, begins at the 9:30 mark—the video above starts playing at that point.


Credits: Video from CNN on YouTube.

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