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“Silicon Prairie” film available today; Dwolla to host screening at 6 p.m.

Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy,” a short documentary that stresses the importance of the Open Internet by telling stories of startups in the middle of America, is now available on the film’s website. “Pay what you want, from $0 up,” the site states, encouraging donations to the film that began as a crowd-funded project.

Shot last October in six states—Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky—the documentary presents several Silicon Prairie startups, including DwollaHudl, SkyVu Entertainment (the makers of Battle Bears) and AgLocal. Kansas City grassroots initiatives Homes for Hackers and Startup Village also are in the film.

Boston-area interactive video company NimbleBot produced the film after teaming up with the project’s organizers, reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and executive director Erik Martin.

For more on the film’s making, see our post: ” ‘Silicon Prairie’ documentary to premier at CES

Showing in Des Moines at 6 p.m.

Dwolla, one of the startup’s featured in “Silicon Prairie,” is hosting a 6 p.m. screening in its Des Moines office. “No red carpet, no celebrity sightings, no ‘Dwolla-related’ discussion, just the Prairie taking a moment to celebrate some of the great things being built here,” Jordan Lampe said on the company’s blog.

Tickets are free but aren’t required for admission. On the event page, however, the payments startup reminds attendees to still donate to the movie—yes, they’re accepting Dwolla.


Note: Silicon Prairie News’ Geoff Wood helped the crew plan their trip through the region and served as an interview subject. It’s thanks to his help that you’ll see our name on the film’s website.

Credits: “Silicon Prairie” trailer from NimbleBot on YouTube.

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