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“Shark Tank” to serve up latest eCreamery scoop Friday

Abby Jordan (left) and Becky App present their business, eCreamery, on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in September.

Omaha-based eCreamery, an online custom ice cream and gelato shop, will appear on ABC’s pitch show “Shark Tank,” once again. At 8 p.m. Friday, the company’s co-founders Abby Jordan and Becky App are set to dish up their ice cream shop’s progress since its appearance last September.

Though eCreamery was unable to close a deal on the show—it sought a $250,000 investment for a 33 percent equity—the company walked away with a high visibility and new customers.

“What we are seeing from both customers in Omaha and online is they are very surprised the Sharks didn’t invest,” App said in a September interview with Silicon Prairie News. “People are very, very incredulous of why they would really say no to the deal. So we’ve had people from around the country just really surprised; they thought it looked like a great deal themselves. And so we’re having people purchase in support and literally having other investors say that they would like to take advantage of the deal.”

Regardless, the show provided an undeniable boost: sales are up 200 percent since September’s show, 300,000 visitors came to the site during the first 8 minutes of airing and nearly 40 investors have approached the company, according to a press release.

Since eCreamery’s first Shark Tank appearance:

• Sales are up 200 percent

• 300,000 visitors came to the company’s site

• Nearly 40 investors have approached the company

“Shark Tank” came to Omaha in February to film the segment that will air Friday. Since September, Jordan and App have hired eight employees and partnered with local candy and refreshment distributor Prima Distribution to keep up with demand and space needs, according to the release. Expansion plans are in the works for a large-scale production facility.

eCreamery has generated more than $2 million in revenue since its inception in 2007 and was funded by investor Mark Hasebroock, who put in $600,000.

Want a scoop of the “Shark Tank” experience? The flavors served at the first appearance, including “The Cubanero” and “Shark Bait,” are available for purchase on eCreamery’s site, starting at $49.99.


Credits: Screenshot from hulu.com video (which is no longer available).

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