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Rocket Referrals announced as 7th StartupCity Des Moines resident

StartupCity Des Moines is now home to seven resident startups, in addition to its coworking spaces. 

This week StartupCity Des Moines officially welcomed its newest resident: Rocket Referrals. The startup will be the seventh company in residence at the Des Moines incubator.

“It’s invigorating,” co-founder Torey Maerz told Silicon Prairie News about working at StartupCity. “When it comes down to it, I love working around other people who have ideas and do something about them.”

Rocket Referrals helps independent insurance agents automate tasks—like sending thank-you notes and welcoming new customers—and assists clients in communication surrounding the referral process. 

You may recognize Maerz from his previous position as CIO at cloud computing company Appcore or his first-place finish at Des Moines’ inaugural Startup Weekend. But last year he quit his full-time job and began working on Rocket Referrals full time at the end of February along his brother, Carl, a former U.S. Army officer who will be moving to Des Moines next month.

But the company does more than just coordinating and automating customer correspondence. Maerz also incorporates his marketing experience and user experience background to help clients generate content. 

“There may be a service that can do these things but they might not know what to say,” Maerz (right) said. “They don’t know how to say thank you for a referral or welcome a new client.”

Rocket Referrals is currently operating in private beta, but Maerz says he is working toward an official launch by the end of the year.   

Other StartupCity Des Moines companies include PosterZen, Phonebank.org, Emploi.us, StaffNinja, Real Estate Fan Pages and Pikuzone. 

Read more about Rocket Referrals’ move to StartupCity Des Moines on the company’s blog. 


Credits: Photo by Anna Jones | Art of Photography. Torey Maerz photo by Megan Bannister.  

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