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Sensible and Startup Suave: how to dress for the Silicon Prairie Awards

The Lemon.ly team poses and serves as a great model for Startup Suave attire for Thursday’s SPN event. 

With a bit of help from Justin Timberlake and the infographic gurus at Lemon.ly, we’re providing garment guidance to prepare for Thursday’s Silicon Prairie Awards. 

Since this is the year of “Suit & Tie“—not only for me personally but for many who have been excited by the reunion of Timberlake’s boy band of yesteryear—we can all learn a thing or two about style when it comes to dressing “Startup Suave” for the big night on the Prairie. 

Whether you liken your style to that of a “Hopeless HIpster” or if you’re just looking to “Startup Dress-up,” take a gander at Lemon.ly’s style tips and prepare your ensemble for the flashing lights of the SPN orange carpet. If you pay close attention to your Startup Suave outfit selection, who knows, you could find yourself gracing the cover of GQ, Vogue, or at the very least SPN—the Midwest’s digital new media organization focused exclusively on startups and style trends.

If you’ve already bought your tickets for the event, we can’t wait to see you and ask, “Who are you wearing?” If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, there’s still time to join us in person and ride our Prairie Party bus to Des Moines for the event. 

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*Note: Tickets for the buses are currently sold out for the event. 

Credit: Photo by Malone and Company. Graphic by Lemon.ly

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