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We’re hiring an editor in Omaha, where it all began

The team takes a minute to pose after putting on the Silicon Prairie Awards.

Silicon Prairie News has spent almost five years growing its team as a digital media startup, as part of a robust region, to make an impact that resonates around the country. We’re preparing to accelerate that growth, but before we can, we have an incredibly important role to fill.

Today we’re excited to announce the opening for an editor based in Omaha, home to where it all began. Omaha means a lot to SPN, and continues to be a driving force for the tech startup community. It’s home to our headquarters in The Mastercraft and home to Big Omaha, our longest-running conference—one event of many, which have included speakers such as Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and AOL co-founder Steve Case. You’ll be in the mix with dozens of high-growth startups, covering their journeys from ideas to full-scale businesses.

People have taken note of what we’re doing in the newsroom and what has been building around us. Major media outlets such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CNN and MSNBC have devoted coverage to companies and entrepreneurs you’ll be first to write about.

In our newsroom, there are no limitations. Because we’re working every day to create an entirely new type of media company—one that values community as much as news—we’re constantly brainstorming. There are few built-in methodologies, and you’ll have the opportunity to create the trajectory of our company alongside two other editors and a host of freelancers. As SPN grows, you’ll be positioned to grow with it, with the potential to cover more and more cities. We want someone who can teach the rest of the newsroom something new and challenge us to be better.

You’ll also be given every opportunity to build your own personal brand and career in the same way. How far you go is up to you, and we plan on having a lot of fun along the way. We stick by an approach of writing stories that are reported with the same care that would make our journalism professors proud while allowing room to get creative—we’re somewhere between a newspaper and a magazine.

You’ll also be engaged with the community on a regular basis. We strive to get out to events, to make ourselves open for conversation through days out of the office, and we’re coming up with new ways to engage all the time.

If you’re a journalist who wants to take on a challenge, cover tech, work alongside passionate people and be part of a growing movement, get in touch with me at fred@siliconprairienews.com.


Fred Bauters
Managing Editor 

Apply to be an SPN Editor

Editor – Omaha

SPN editors have two main responsibilities: Oversee coverage of their local startup community and serve as SPN’s lead writer in that community. We’re a small newsroom, so this position is for an individual eager to make an impact and a name for themselves—you’ll serve as the editorial face of SPN in Omaha and Lincoln.

If reading or writing about technology, startups, entrepreneurs or innovators excites you, this position is for you. Here a some of the our editor’s daily responsibilities:

• Cover your local startup community and startups

• Edit work of other SPN editors and freelancers

• Assign stories to SPN freelancers

• Track companies and individuals through Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more

• Create new content ideas and story formats

• Serve as the editorial face of SPN in Omaha and Lincoln

We will accept applications through October 20, but we’ll begin interviewing candidates as soon as résumés roll in. We plan to fill the position before Thanksgiving.

If you have questions or would like to refer a candidate, please contact me at fred@siliconprairienews.com.

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