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Bulu Box surpasses 30K customers, $100K in monthly revenue

Members of the Bulu Box team traveled to The Brandery’s BrandFusion earlier this month. 

Less than one year since officially launching its website and just off an appearance at The Brandery‘s BrandFusion, Lincoln-based startup Bulu Box has a few major milestones to report.

The startup’s co-founder Paul Jarrett says that in August the startup surpassed 10,000 active subscribers, 30,000 total customers and more than $100K in monthly revenue.

By September Bulu Box had begun to raise its second round of capital, with a goal of $1.5 million, and was on track to clock more than 30,000 active subscribers by the end of the year. Jarrett also added that the company is experiencing 60 percent average monthly growth for its full-size product sales. 

Earlier this month, Jarrett and members of his team traveled to The Brandery’s BrandFusion, where they “speed dated” with brands like General Mills, Nestle and Gatorade. Jarrett says the event was a huge success and that the startup was able to lock in more than $600,000 of funding. Bulu Box had previously raised $500,000, including investment from Dundee Venture Capital and Linseed Capital.

Over the next few weeks Bulu Box plans to continue raising capital and close a round in time to prepare for the holiday season, which is a busy “gifting” season for the startup. 


Credits: Photos courtesy of Bulu Box. 

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