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Speed networking kicks off onslaught of ‘Event Draft’ events in Omaha

Fifty-plus events were put on the calendar during Omaha’s Event Draft. Speed Networking kicks it off March 26.

Thirty entrepreneurs will get a chance to speed network with subject experts from 7-9 p.m. March 26 at Aromas Coffeehouse in Benson. It kicks off the first set of events chosen during the Omaha Event Draft on Feb. 13.

In coming months, nearly 50 startup-related events are scheduled for Omaha.

Autumn Pruitt and Kait Berreckman of Aromas pitched the idea as a way to bring some structure to networking events, where people usually glom on to those they know.

The evening will bring together experts and novices in various fields and provide exclusive face time between them. Each person will be given three minutes with each expert and in the off time, three minutes with a fellow entrepreneur.

“The goal is for participants not to slide into the comfort of talking only with familiar faces or missing out on introductions that could be wildly valuable,” Berreckman said. “While the sessions provided to talk one-on-one will be timed and limited, they will establish a foundation to connect again in the future and help to cross industry boundaries in Omaha’s startup community.”

You can RSVP on Facebook and Eventbrite. The event is limited to 30 people. In coming weeks, all the Event Draft events will be posted on OmahaStartups.org.


Credits: Photo from Silicon Prairie News

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