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Famous Vine duo Jack & Jack makes game for SkyVu, trend on Twitter

Apparently the recipe for getting buzz for a game is a little bit of humor, a little talent and a heck of a following. 

Omahans Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson are freshly-graduated from high school and already Internet celebrities (you may know them from Vine), and now the game they made created during their SkyVu Entertainment internship, Let it Goat, is trending nationally on Twitter.

#LetItGoat and #JackAndJackGame were the top two trends on Twitter over the lunch hour Wednesday after the game dropped on the App Store.

The simple sidescrolling game has only one objective: get the highest score possible by tapping your finger to make Mounty the Goat jump over spikes and zombies. 

Jack and Jack have nearly four million followers on Vine and a combined nearly three million on Twitter so it’s no wonder there’s a buzz around Let it Goat.

It’s easy to see similarities between the duo and another famous Nebraskan and his mobile games: former Husker QB Taylor Martinez.

Read more about SkyVu’s and other high school internship programs through our previous coverage: “The new summer job: Nebraska high schoolers score tech internships.”



Credits: Image from App Store.

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