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The spirit of Big Kansas City has room to soar at NAHM’s Hangar 9

We’re heading into year two of Big Kansas City, and looking forward to sharing your stories and those of our speakers over the next few weeks. All of this wouldn’t be possible without our content partner, Pinsight Media+. They are a pioneer in mobile media with deep entrepreneurial roots. Their team brings leadership, experience and global awareness to Kansas City’s booming startup community. To learn more or talk with our friends at Pinsight, email Serge Bushman, sbushman@pinsightmedia.com.

The Big events have never been the conference center type. And for those who have attended one of our conferences in the past, you know we love a challenge.

SPN co-founder Jeff Slobotski believes an event space should be “one that inspires us and the community to think differently about what’s possible.” This idea was still on our minds when searching for a venue for the inaugural Big Kansas City.

If the event asks attendees to co-create experiences, inspire altered landscapes and look at the world in a new way, shouldn’t it be held in a space that facilitates that? Yeah, we thought so, too.

Enter the National Airline History Museum (NAHM), or as our 2013 Big Kansas City attendees know it, “Hangar 9.” Every entrance to the museum is dramatic, with visitors greeted by iconic aircraft such as the Lockheed Constellation, DC-3 and Martin 404. The wow factor is immediate—you’re in a decades-old airplane hangar.

DC-3 at NAHMWith a more than 25-year-history, NAHM prides itself on preserving aviation history, teaching the next generation about aviation and leading through example all while supporting Kansas City’s rich aviation history. Did you know Charles Lindbergh dedicated the Kansas City Municipal Airport in 1927, just less than three months after his historic solo flight across the Atlantic? Pretty cool, right?

In recent years the museum has moved beyond it’s intended capacity. With Big Kansas City as prime example, NAHM has opened its doors to a variety of non-aviation focused events.

The flexibility of the space is a key element that made the museum such a great home for our conference. At first glance, the enormity of the hangar can be overwhelming, but with lots of space comes lots of possibilities. That means that while our venue hasn’t changed from last year, the 2014 Big Kansas City space will have a noticeably different look and feel.


Want to experience Hangar 9 firsthand? Big Kansas City tickets are on sale now at bigkansascity.co.

Want to brush up on NAHM before you attend? Check out the museum’s website.

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