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Omaha creatives make “I Voted Today” website to get out the vote

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OMAHA—You’ve seen them before—simple fill-in-the-blank one page websites made just for the fun of it.

ILiveInOmaha.com allows Omahans to share what’s great about their city. LifeIsRight.com does the same for Lincoln as part of a Chamber of Commerce campaign.

But the latest one, IVoted.Today hopes to have a more tangible purpose: get the vote out.

Visitors fill in the blank after “I Voted Today For _____” and share it on social media with friends. It also allows visitors to find their polling place or register to vote.

Among the two dozen responses so far: “I Voted Today For a woman business leader,” “I Voted Today For a sensible leaders and good ideas,” and “I Voted Today For a cleaner planet.”

Omaha designer Justin Kemerling and developer Cody Peterson created the website that launched last month.

They partnered with Omaha animation studio Uphill Downhill, which has done work for Target, Hear Lincoln and more, to create a video to go with the site.

Since midterm election turnout is usually dismal, Kemerling said they wanted to create a fun site that not only emphasizes voting in the election, but also voting with your everyday choices with things like where you eat, what news outlets you pay attention to and where you spend your dollars.

“We vote everyday with those things, but voting is also an important action of getting involved in our democracy,” he said. “This allows you to share what is important to you.”

In addition to those goals, the project also aims to stand as an example of the work Kemerling and Peterson can do.

The pair started Action Backed, a marketing firm that aims to create modern brands and experiences that move issues forward, in April. Action Backed hopes to help issue-oriented initiatives, like a minimum wage issue or any other type of ballot initiative, get the word out.

“We think this is a great example of what some of those smaller issue-focused campaigns should be doing on the web,” Kemerling said. “This type of campaign works best by honing in on the message and making it compelling.”

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