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Where we go from here

SPNIt’s been a month since we at AIM acquired Silicon Prairie News and their Big events. During this time, we’ve been heads down in operations, working to integrate SPN and better understand the community they, and now we, serve.

As we get closer to becoming fully operational, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to AIM. For over 25 years, AIM has been a resilient nonprofit in the Omaha tech community. We have worked to build a robust talent pipeline for the IT industry and to collaborate with community organizations across the region to provide resources and events that deliver real value to technology professionals.

We are excited to partner with Silicon Prairie News for a shared goal: creating brilliant, innovative communities. We are deeply indebted to Jeff Slobotski, Dusty Davidson and Regan Carrizales for their hard work and innovation in getting SPN and events such as Big Omaha and Big Kansas City off the ground. In the process, they helped bring together talented entrepreneurs into a lively, dynamic community.

Our primary goal is to keep SPN’s close ties to the startup community. Whenever possible, we are working to maintain the spirit of SPN. SPN’s readers have always been the key to its success, and we are committed to keeping the tone, style and quality that readers have come to love.

We are also excited to announce that this year’s Big Omaha effort is being led by Caleb Ulffers and Joey Wolfe, two Big Omaha veterans. They have a very exciting schedule lined up for this year, and we are glad to have them in charge.

At the end of this month, SPN will return with the fresh, engaging content that continues to tell your stories of innovation. Some of the changes you will see extend the long-term vision of the SPN editorial staff, including site design improvements, more in-depth features and a more expansive view of creativity and innovation.

We are honored to be working with SPN in building innovative communities for many years to come. As we move forward, we welcome your ideas and feedback. Feel free to contact SPN at editor@siliconprairienews.com with any comments, questions or story ideas you may have.



Kandace Miller

President & CEO, AIM

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