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Night Life Transit wins $8,500 at Get Started Omaha

NLTNight Life Transit, an Omaha-based startup that provides bus service for urban night life hotspots, won $8,500 last night at Get Started Omaha, an event put on by COX Business at the Holland Performing Arts Center. The startup, founded by Eric Burns, plans to begin service June 5th in the Omaha area.

Burns is currently a resident at Year of the Startup.

Night Life Transit’s winning pitch beat out four other Omaha startup pitches, including VoterSnap and Logity, a software-based tracking tool in development by Bob Smith.

The pitches were judged by a panel on three criteria: originality, ease of implementation and social benefit. Notably, the panel included three guests from outside the region: Britt Michaelian, host of Mass Amplify; Kris Frieswick, Senior Editor of Inc. magazine, and Dean DeBiase, chairman of Reboot Partners. It also included Ken Kraft, VP of Marketing at COX Business.

Travefy, which started in Omaha before moving to Lincoln, won last year’s prize.

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