Over 500 attend NMotion Demo Day in Lincoln


The 2015 NMotion teams. Photo credit: Tiffany Verzal

The buzz of the crowd gathering inside the Rococo Theatre last night could be heard from the street corner of 13th and P in downtown Lincoln.

Inside the venue, standing space was limited, complimentary cricket cocktails (yes, made with real crickets and really yummy) were floating around, and all the conversations centered around the 7 companies who would put themselves out on display over the next three hours.

But before the presentations, there was Paul Singh, the evening’s keynote speaker. Singh is the managing director of venture capital group 1776 and the founder of Disruption Corporation. Read our story on him here.

“Private market investing is one of the last few remaining ways for the average person to create significant wealth,” said Singh.

Singh talked at length about the importance of investing into startups and the benefits a startup community can provide to a city and to our country as a whole.

“More students attend school in India on a daily basis than the total amount of people who live in the United States,” Singh said,  referencing just how much world there is out there outside of the United States.


Jaime Bellmyer, Founder of Ninjira. Photo credit: Tiffany Verzal

Who would you put your money on?

After the keynote speaker came the main event, 7 6-minute presentations from NMotion teams. Each delivered very unique businesses, all with a very tight and focused pitch. LiveBy, Bugeater Foods (Thanks for the cricket cocktails), Seamster, COMP’D, Ninjira, Spectator and Intellifarm all braved the stage.

After the presentations the conversations and cocktails continued with all the presenting groups sitting in the mosh pit, inviting people to come and ask questions and talk.

The number 1 question floating around was, “Who would you put your money on?”

“The business of investing is about choosing the least worst idea,” said Paul Singh earlier in the evening. All of these ideas could be a lot of investors “least worst.”


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