Here are the finalists for the 2015 Silicon Prairie Awards



Hey, SPNers! Here are the finalists for this year’s Silicon Prairie Awards. We had an overwhelming number of nominations this year. Every year there seems to be more and more activity happening across our region. In the coming days we will be featuring the finalists in each category. You can also find brief descriptions of each finalist on the ballot itself.

Your mission is to vote every day for your favorites–and to get others to vote, too. Voting ends August 31st.

Winners will be selected based on 50% popular vote and 50% judges vote. We will be releasing this year’s panel of judges soon. Have fun and get voting!

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Technologist of the Year

Developer, engineer or programmer on staff, or freelancer. But a startup’s product wouldn’t have been quite the same without them.

  • Clint Kahler, Shot Tracker
  • Caitlin Bales, Bulu Box
  • Chad Michel, Beehive
  • Kevin Berry, Racenote
  • Tim Braun, opendorse

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Student Entrepreneur of the Year

This student or student-led company—undergrad or younger—is getting noticed and makes everyone question what they did at that age.

  • Andrew Rogers
  • Brent Comstock
  • Josh Doering
  • Bugeater
  • Spectator

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Silicon Prairie Champion

While entrepreneurs are hard at work building, this individual or company selflessly gives time to advance their community.

  • Brian Ardinger
  • Ben McDougal
  • Joni Cobb
  • Joseph Knecht
  • Paul Jarrett

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Service Provider of the Year

They may help with branding, be a lawyer, accountant or marketer. Whoever they are, what they touch turns into gold.

  • Tyson Benson, Advent LLP
  • Matt Poulsen, Suiter Swantz
  • Greg Kratofil, Polsinelli
  • Drew Larson, Brown Winick
  • Bart Dillashaw, Dillashaw LLC

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Investor of the Year

They don’t just provide funding. They brag about their companies and connect them to the people who will make things happen.

  • Built by Iowa
  • Dundee Venture Capital
  • Flyover Capital
  • Mid American Angels
  • Nebraska Global

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Executive of the Year

It may have been bleak at times, or maybe it was a smooth ride, but they led their company to remarkable success.

  • Blake Lawrence, opendorse
  • David Chait, Travefy
  • Jeff Blackwood, AB Pathfinder
  • Paul Jarrett, Bulu Box

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Designer of the Year

This team person made a mark on a startup’s product by providing an amazing user experience or beautiful design.

  • Amy Colgan, Lemonly
  • Dan Rohr
  • Levi Nelson, Travefy
  • Stephanie Jarrett, Bulu Box
  • Justin Kemerling, Justin Kemerling Design Co.

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Best Culture of the Year

This is the startup everyone wants to work at, that has the best benefits, the best leadership, the best environment.

  • Beehive
  • Bulu Box
  • Flywheel
  • Paige Technologies
  • opendorse

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2015 SPAwards Icons-02

Best Creation of the Year

An incredible project—marketing campaign, physical product, hardware, app, website, anything—that innovates or re-imagines

  • Bulu Insights, Bulu Box
  • Inside Outside Podcast
  • Clicky Tool, Viirt
  • ECJC Refresh
  • Cricket Rice, Bugeater Foods

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Corporate Innovator of the Year

Their company has been around more than a few years, but they’re making an impact by introducing a new way of doing things.

  • First National Bank
  • Gallup
  • Nelnet
  • Proxibid
  • Union Pacific
  • Sprint

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Startup of the Year

The one everyone’s talking about. They’re making headlines, and they’re headed toward long-term success.

  • Bulu Box
  • Flywheel
  • Higher Learning Technologies
  • Shot Tracker
  • opendorse
  • Travefy

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New Startup of the Year

This company is the new kid on the block that has, within the last year, grown from idea to full-fledged force.

  • Bugeater Foods
  • Drive Spotter
  • Nightlife Transit
  • PopBookings
  • Viirt
  • HowFactory

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You are eligible to vote once a day, every day until August 31. Winners will be announced live at the Silicon Prairie Awards on October 1Purchase your tickets now.

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