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Meet the 5 finalists for Technologist of the Year

2015 SPAwards Icons-06As we get closer to the Silicon Prairie Awards, we still need you to help us determine which individuals and companies will take home these shiny golden analogs. We’ve compiled a few highlights from the massive number of nominations we received, so you can get to know the finalists a little bit better.

Remember, you can vote every day for your favorites and you still have 4 weeks to spread the word! Voting ends August 31st

2015 Technologist of the Year Finalists

Caitlin Bales, Bulu Box

2014 Technologist of the Year, Caitlin Bales joined Bulu Box as an intern and within 5 months was hired on full time as CTO. Caitlin turned down a position at Microsoft so she could contribute to the Lincoln startup community and continues to help build the Silicon Prairie. After being the sole developer on staff for months, Caitlin now expertly leads the Bulu Box web team. This year, Caitlin developed an entirely proprietary SaaS platform, Bulu Insights, from scratch in under 3 months. Vote now

Kevin Berry, Racenote

Technical Crew Chief at Racenote who led the charge in developing an innovative solution that allows auto race teams to log, view and analyze racing data in real-time. His solution is able to capture teams’ radio communications, convert it to text and then analyze the data. Kevin is also an active community builder. He helped spearhead the Developer Meetup that happens twice a year and draws over 200 attendees to each event. Vote now

Tim Braun, opendorse

CIO at opendorse and 2014 Technologist of the Year Finalist, Tim Braun is the original developer of opendorse. He continues to lead the direction of the platform that now serves 5,000+ users in the sports industry. While he is an expert at solving web development issues, his ability to relate to the rest of the opendorse team makes him an invaluable piece of the puzzle. Vote now

Clint Kahler, ShotTracker

Director of Engineering at ShotTracker, Clint Kahler developed the algorithms that make the ShotTracker wrist and net sensors work. He led the development of the ShotTracker app and website and with his contributions was able to shift the company to a sellable consumer product in 18 months. Clint also runs all of the servers and technology behind the scenes, manages a staff of 7 developers and is listed on 11 patent applications. His work is technically innovative, and it is changing the game of basketball. Vote now

Chad Michael, Beehive Industries

Chief architect and lead of the engineering team at Beehive Industries, Chad works at the heart of Beehive. He has worked tirelessly to produce a multiplatform mobile application that Beehive’s clients desperately needed. He empowered his team to ‘drink the kool-aid’ that produced the product from the ground up. This product has become a critical tool on the day-to-day operation of Beehive’s clients. Vote now

Join us at the Rococo Theatre in Lincoln on October 1st to celebrate our region and to recognize the individuals and companies who are doing big things in the Silicon Prairie!


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