Meet the 6 finalists for Startup of the Year

2015 SPAwards Icons-01

2015 SPAwards Icons-01

As we get closer to the Silicon Prairie Awards, we still need you to help us determine which individuals and companies will take home these shiny golden analogs. We’ve compiled a few highlights from the mass amounts of nominations we received, so you can get to know the finalists a little bit better.

Remember, you can vote every day for your favorites and you still have 4 weeks to spread the word! Voting ends August 31st


Meet the 2015 Startup of the Year finalists



This health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box company has raised $4.2 million in total funding in the 3 years of their existence. They now have over 43,000 subscribers and 120,000 customers. Lead by the loud and proud Linconite, Paul Jarrett, Bulu Box “bangs the drum” for the entire Silicon Prairie community. Vote now


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Designed to simplify the life of WordPress site users, Flywheel has had some big wins in 2014. They grew from 4 to 20 employees and raised $1.2 million in the last year. Flywheel was also featured as Mattermark’s fastest growing startup in Nebraska. “A company with innovative ideas and momentum. Closest company to a Silicon Valley startup, yet in Omaha (which is even better).” Vote now



One of the highest-grossing developers of educational apps today, Higher Learning Technologies made its name helping dental and nursing students use their phones and tablets to prepare for their industry’s most stressful standardized tests. HLT has over 1 million users worldwide and to date, the company has raised $7 million. This Iowa City-based company exemplifies the Silicon Prairie spirit. Vote now


ShotTracker is a wearable technology for basketball players that automatically tracks shot attempts, makes and misses. ShotTracker has made amazing progress in record-breaking time, landing partnerships with Golden State Warriors NBA Champion, Klay Thompson and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) all within the last 2 years. Their first ever Virtual Basketball Camp attracted players from across the country and was a huge success with 178,731 total shots taken and 238,804 total points scored. Vote now



The athlete endorsement group opendorse has made huge strides in 2015. They have raised $1.75 million, doubled their staff to a total of 22 employees and secured partnerships with NFLPA and UFC. In just 2 years opendorse has completed 1,500 endorsement deals and served a diverse user base that includes 3,000+ athletes, 1,000+ marketers and 500+ sports agents. Vote now



Helping groups plan trips and manage expenses, Travefy has had some big wins in the last year including user growth as well as their first software licenses to some of the industry’s biggest players. Travefy also raised $1.8 million this year which included a strategic investment from Travel and Transport, the 12th largest travel agency in the U.S.

Articles from Forbes, The New York Times and World Report report that Travefy is “making waves in the travel industry!” Vote now



Join us at the Rococo Theatre in Lincoln on October 1st to celebrate our region and to recognize the individuals and companies who are doing big things in the Silicon Prairie!

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