Econic’s Innovation Outpost will give corporate teams the accelerator experience



Econic, led by NMotion’s Brian Ardinger and Nebraska native Josh Berry, is launching an Innovation Outpost in Lincoln, Nebraska. The program will provide resources and training to corporate innovators looking to generate and test new ideas for their businesses. The project came about through a partnership between Econic, Nelnet and FUSE Coworking.

A key purpose of the space is to get people out of the office.

“It completely disrupts their normal pattern of thinking,” said Berry.

The program will focus on helping companies with market opportunities, talent development and product development. It will include hands-on training, coaching, as well as access to Econic’s network of experts.

“Brian has had a lot of play in getting experts to come into the region,” said Berry.

Companies will sign up for a membership to Econic Innovation Outposts. Levels of membership will include consulting services as well as a more traditional full-length accelerator experience.

The space, located at FUSE Coworking, will open late May. They plan to run a program test run this summer: A 30-day market validation accelerator for one Omaha company, according to Berry.

The first full class begins this fall.

Ryan Pendell is the Managing Editor of Silicon Prairie News.


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