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Powderhook app launches in Nebraska this week


Lincoln-based startup Powderhook is launching their Powderhook app in Nebraska this week. The app, which SPN covered last November, is designed to help outdoor enthusiasts spend more time outdoors.

“There are few places to go to get the advice you need specifically for what you’re doing and where you are, except for the tackle shop,” said Eric Dinger, founder of Powderhook, in a press release. “That’s exactly the experience we’re trying to simulate, but with technology we can extend that experience to hunting, shooting, hiking, camping and biking as well.”

While there are many online forums for hunting and fishing, nothing provides the real-time, hyper-local advice about where and when to hunt and fish. The company hopes the app will fill a need in an era where hunting and fishing licensing has leveled off.

“The long-term success of every brand in the outdoor industry from Cabela’s to your local bait shop hinges on getting new people involved more easily and getting everyone to go more often,” said Dinger, in a press release.

The company is rolling the app out by geographical location to maximize the hyper-local benefit of the app.

The free app is available for Android and iOS.

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