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Our 10 favorite Kansas startup stories of 2016

The Lawrence, Kansas, company Lume Lifestyle has been featured on Business Insider, MTV, Mashable and Cosmo. Photo courtesy of Lume Lifestyle.

Silicon Prairie News covers the tech startup scene across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Here are our most popular stories from Kansas this year:

1. Wichita State Innovation Campus aims to unite university and community (Wichita)

Wichita State University is expanding its infrastructure to accommodate new buildings dedicated to allowing students and faculty to interact in a dynamic environment best suited for research.

2. Lume Lifestyle has the smart leggings you’ve been waiting for (Lawrence)

Founder Waira Mungai used a Kickstarter campaign to launch Lume Lifestyle, a company that produces “smart leggings.”

3. Integrated Animal Health helps bring game-changing animal health products to market (Lawrence)

With a focus on working with developers of new technologies, Integrated Animal Health strives to produce alternatives to antibiotics, hormone therapies, pesticides, and other animal healthcare products.

4. Rex Animal Health wants to be the primary platform for animal health data [VIDEO] (Kansas City)

Amado Guloy, CEO of Rex Animal Health, is on a mission to bring the power of analytics to animal welfare. “We really want to be the central repository [for data] surrounding livestock and animals of high commercial value,” said Guloy.

5. Fireshark Gaming expands from Wichita to Omaha (Wichita)

Fireshark Gaming launched in April 2015 as a standalone entertainment space in Wichita, Kansas. Since then 25,000 visitors have tried out the system.

6. Quickdraw Studios gamifies marketing to drive cultural change (Wichita)

In 2015 at a craft beer festival in Wichita, Kan., two graduate students were inspired by a brewery logo to create their own business.

7. Bungii is your Uber for a quick pickup truck (Manhattan)

Bungii officially launched in Kansas City. Local users can download the app or apply to be a driver. Notably, the application process to be a Bungii driver is more stringent than for Uber drivers.

8. KNOXX brings personality to the hiring process (Wichita)

When frustration with current recruitment platforms boiled over, Wichita entrepreneur Mike Mathia took matters into his own hands.

9. QA with John Dascher, CEO of Wichita’s first business accelerator (Wichita)

John Dascher is the new CEO of the E2E Accelerator in Wichita, Kansas. Dascher has been involved in venture capital and business acceleration outside the Valley since 1997, when he started with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners in Philadelphia.

10. Mycroft is the artificial intelligence revolution we’ve been waiting for (Lawrence)

Lawrence-based Mycroft, an open-source, open-hardware artificial intelligence platform, has recently expanded their offices to San Francisco and Kansas City, as well as closed a successful angel round.

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