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Video: Bulu Box presents at SPN Startup Story Social

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Bulu Box co-founders Paul and Stephanie Jarrett were the guest speakers at Silicon Prairie News’ first Startup Story Social, a new event highlighting a Silicon Prairie startup champion every month.

Bulu Box is a discovery ecommerce platform that allows consumers to sample and find their new favorite vitamins, supplements and healthy snacks while providing actionable data back to brands.

Paul and Stephanie explained how their company profits not only from their sample subscription boxes, but also from full-size product sales, private label products, turnkey subscription boxes, the Bulu marketplace and promotions.

The Jarrett’s shared the ups and downs of startup life, from the common mistakes that nearly all new businesses make to the not so common, like accidentally leasing a business space without a bathroom. They told of how they embody entrepreneurship with their focus on fearlessness and foundership, and always banging the drum.

“Startups are all about doing something faster, something different,” said Stephanie.

At one point the Jarrett’s lived in one of their work spaces, sleeping on a bed next to a giant stack of Bulu Boxes. They’ve come a long way since then. Bulu Box now has a 20,000 sq ft warehouse and they’re planning on hiring 35 new employees and hitting 2.2 million boxes in 2017.

The Jarretts know that their progress is credited to having a flexible vision as to what success is and what they want for the future of their company.

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