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Des Moines-based AppLink.io launches mobile app analytics platform for developers and marketers

Veteran-founded startup AppLink.io recently launched their Mobile App Analytics platform for developers and marketers. The platform is aimed towards helping companies get more value from their app users by using analytics and real-time insights.

CEO and founder Adam Hass taught himself programming when he was 12-years-old. After high school and completing military service, he found himself in a tech career, running a startup that developed mobile apps in the medical and financial services industries.

“While developing mobile apps for clients, I became frustrated with the lack of consistency surrounding analytics and performance reporting. It was also difficult to connect with third-party applications such as CRMs and marketing automation software,” said Hass. “I saw companies that faced significant challenges with these projects; I knew we could do it better.”

Hass sold that company last year and immediately started working on AppLink.io. The plan was to create a mobile app analytics and marketing platform that not only made it easy to understand how an app was performing, but could easily connect with the tools companies used every day.

“I wanted AppLink.io to be a tool developers and marketers could both use with relative ease,” said Hass. “Other platforms are cumbersome and require a steep learning curve.”

The entire project was about a year in development before Hass and his team released it with a soft launch in 2017.

“The feedback that we’ve had from the first customers that we’ve onboarded has been really great,” said Hass. “We’ve received positive feedback from marketers and developers on how intuitive our user interface is.”

A complete analytics dashboard helps users get the most important information needed to evaluate the state of their apps, including tracking installations, crashes, active users and top events. AppLink.io also includes customizable criteria like screen views, session length, events, conversion goals and crashes to trigger automated actions. Actions can include sending emails or text messages, webhooks and triggering automated events in other tools.

“It’s important to quantify just how much these types of interactions can mean for a business,” said Hass. “What our clients have seen so far is increased retention, greater engagement and more revenue.”

AppLink.io has partnered with leading SaaS vendors including HubSpot, Zendesk, Marketo and Salesforce to help monitor and measure meaningful data to drive results.

With pricing for startups, SMBs and big companies with big data needs, AppLink.io is pushing the app publicly and looking to generate growth.

“We’re in the process of trying to raise capital right now, [and…] growing the team and expanding with sales and marketing professionals,” said Hass. “[We’re also focused on] really getting out there and finding more people that we can help grow their app user base and generate either revenue or value with their users.”

Hass said that Applink.op is a startup working with other startups and helping them do more.

“We’re definitely listening to the feedback that we get from our initial users. If people try it out and [find that it doesn’t do something they need], a lot of times we’re early enough in development that we can tune the product towards some of the solutions that people are looking for. We’re pretty flexible off the bat.”


Christine McGuigan is the Managing Editor of Silicon Prairie News.

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