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Augmented and virtual reality training academy coming to Omaha

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) are among the fastest growing sectors of America’s economy. AR/VR technologies are spreading beyond gaming and entertainment and are revolutionizing unexpected industries like food service, medicine and online shopping.

According to an article on CNBC, a recent report from the International Data Corp. forecasted worldwide revenues for the AR/VR market to increase by at least 100 percent over the next four years, with 2017’s U.S. AR/VR spending reaching around $3.2 billion.

But the rapid growth of the AR/VR industries is outpacing professionals entering the industry. That’s why the EON Reality VR Innovation Academy (VRIA) is working to close the gap by training new AR/VR professionals in an industry certificate training program.

EON’s VRIA is coming to Omaha’s UNMC Campus to host one of five academies across the United States that focus on boosting the AR/VR talent pool. VRIA will help support the university’s iEXCEL project pipeline and beyond, by growing Omaha’s AR/VR workforce.

Through iEXCEL, UNMC will accelerate the adoption of simulation and visualization technology and reshape the way in which health care education is delivered. iEXCEL has the potential to bring spinoff businesses and increase jobs for the local tech community through content creation for the learning center.

Opening June 4, the VRIA provides an opportunity to both candidates interested in advancing their careers and to organizations looking to sponsor an individual. The course requires an 11-month commitment to training and includes four months of study with experts in the field of AR/VR and seven months of project-based learning, working on real-life projects in varied market segments.

The academy will combine theoretical and practical study with project-based, hands-on real-life projects. A degree in computer science, gaming, visual arts, digital media (or similar) is ideal but not essential.

Upon successful completion of the course, an EON Reality AR/VR Developer Certification will be awarded.

UNMC will host an open house for EON’s VIRA on February 27. For more information on attending, click here.

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