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SPN Spaces is a new series that takes a look inside the region’s most inspiring startups, workspaces, incubators, accelerators and organizations.

Trouvaille, located in the heart of town at 76th Street and Pacific, is a new co-working space dedicated entirely to the needs of women entrepreneurs and doers.

“Trouvaille translates into a valuable discovery or lucky find, which is serendipitous,” said Trouvaille founder Kim Marchese. “I believe when you surround yourself with a community of like-minded women who support your goals and dreams, you never know what you may discover.”

SPN sat down with Marchese to talk about Trouvaille and what she hopes it brings to Omaha.


SPN: How did a need in your own life inspire you to found Trouvaille? 

KM: I was applying to get into graduate school and found myself trying to study in coffee shops because I knew it would be extremely challenging to study from home. I love a good coffee shop but learned very quickly that trying to focus and study in a coffee shop atmosphere was a recipe for disaster. I thought there must be a better way to accomplish my goals because relying on the unpredictability of a public place was not working for me.

SPN: Why was it important to you to create a niche co-working space for women in Omaha? 

KM: Coworking as an industry is growing due to the rise and expected growth of the freelance economy by the year 2020 but I don’t consider Trouvaille to be a typical co-working space. I wanted to create a beautiful, safe place woman would be excited to come to and focus on both their personal and professional goals. Women are hard-wired for connection, so I wanted a space they could come to connect with other women and have meaningful and engaging conversations. I offer memberships that allow woman to choose what is best for where they are in their own lives.

SPN: Work-life balance is important for everyone, but why do you think it’s especially important for women? 

KM: I feel that women are expected to wear so many hats. It’s so important they realize the importance of investing in themselves first so they can have the strength and energy to show up in all the other areas of their lives that are most important to them. We invest in gyms etc., and Trouvaille is a place they can invest in their own personal and professional well-being.

SPN: Launching Trouvaille has taken you on your own entrepreneurial journey. What have you learned about yourself in the process, and what do you want to help other women discover? 

KM: I started Trouvaille out of a need I had, but now I am on the other side as an entrepreneur. I want to share my experience starting this business and help other women on their own entrepreneurial journey, which can be very lonely and scary at times. I want Trouvaille to be a source of support that offers connections and a strong trusted referral sources woman know they can go to when they need a service.

I also want women to discover how much time they can gain back in their lives once they commit to a dedicated space free of the distractions of everyday life to focus and get things done.

SPN: Besides co-working, what other women-focused events and activities will Trouvaille be hosting?

Trouvaille will host speaking engagements and workshops centered around both personal and professional growth. Trouvaille also provides meeting and conference room space that can be rented by non-members.

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