TEAM Software: 30 Years of Innovation — Part 1


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The TEAM Difference: Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Omaha-based TEAM Software is a leading provider of financial, operations and workforce management solutions for contractors with distributed workforces of any size, with a focus on the building service and security industries.

Our industry-specific solutions range from a complete enterprise software system to a right-sized workforce management toolset that connects key components of customers’ businesses.

With more than 400 customers across North America, TEAM’s success has been a direct result of our 30 years of industry experience, our commitment to practical, integrated solutions, and our desire to do more.

The need to do more

The early version of what is now WinTeam, TEAM’s core business management solution, was born from the need to do more. In the early 1980s, the CFO of a building service and security company in Omaha, Nebraska, was hunting for a software solution to streamline accounting processes and give insight into profitability.

When he couldn’t find an existing solution that could do exactly what he wanted, he put together a small team to build one. Realizing other contractors in the industry could benefit from the solution, the team formed their own company and took it to market.

From three employees to more than 130, TEAM has spent the last 30 years maintaining its hold as the building service and security industry leader in software solutions. We do that through a simple approach: create holistic, growth-enabling solutions that solve real problems and relentlessly pursue what’s next.

From the launch of the first-of-its-kind industry-specific ERP to the introduction of a Software-as-a-Service platform before “the cloud” was mainstream, to game-changing Affordable Care Act solutions, to the next generation of workforce management technology today, TEAM is pushing that legacy forward. We like to think of ourselves as a 30-year-old startup––we’ve got the energy and passion of a young tech company with the experience of a trusted, reputable industry mainstay. And, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

One of the biggest security guard firms in the world started with TEAM at 2,000 employees in 1993. The company is now nearly 200,000 employees strong––that’s 100-fold growth supported by the same software platform.

TEAM counts as customers 88 percent of the officers and directors of a leading building service contractor trade organization and more than half of the 25 largest security guard firms in the nation. It’s results like those that push our pursuit of innovation and fuel our commitment to customers.

Employee-owners drive success

TEAM became employee-owned in 2007. This means everyone who works at TEAM has a stake in the company’s success. While one of the major perks of employee ownership is the retirement savings, statistically, employee-owned companies routinely outperform other companies by leaps and bounds because everyone is literally invested in the company.

We think and act like owners, but more importantly, we’re treated like owners. Everything from how we interact with each other, to how we serve our clients and the decisions we make every day, ties back to accomplishing the company’s strategic goals and shapes our culture. And, when you ask anyone what the best part about working at TEAM is, you’ll hear the same thing repeatedly: the culture, which shared set of beliefs and behaviors among employees.

In 2017, TEAM documented that culture in the TEAM Code, a back-to-the-basics blueprint that drives our company, empowers and inspires employee owners, and gives some insight into what makes us unique.

A distinguished TEAM

As the company grows and continues to challenge the status quo, we hold true to the things that have driven our success so far: we have a deep interest and commitment in the industries we serve, we make holistic software solutions, we’re employee-owned, and we deliver the best customer experience in the industry.

Those things distinguish TEAM today, and they’re what we’re taking with us as we innovate for the future.


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TEAM Software is a leading provider of software solutions for the contract security and building service industries and has been since 1989. TEAM offers a host of fully integrated solutions from operations, financial and workforce management to employee and customer self-service to time and attendance products designed to help customers profit from efficiency. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, TEAM is an employee-owned company whose “startup mentality” drives us in our pursuit of innovation and fuels our commitment to our customers.


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