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Fintech Company AlphaBTC expands bitcoin kiosk network in Midwest

AlphaBTC has been providing client services for five years and has experienced some exciting growth in the past year. The company, founded in 2013, has been working with Maya to bring five of Maya’s 50 self-service payment kiosks to Omaha.

Maya is a social initiative technology company that provides financial services infrastructure for underserved communities in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to the five kiosks in Omaha, AlphaBTC also has a kiosk in Lincoln, Nebraska, one in Fargo, North Dakota, and a bitcoin ATM at Jones Bros. Cupcakes in Omaha.

Edward Weniger, President of AlphaBTC, said the company is testing multiple types of locations to enable users to conveniently pay their bills, such as electric, gas, and cable, and has strategically placed two kiosks in Cricket stores, two in laundromats, and one in a grocery store. The company has placed signage and flyers at these locations to educate users about using the kiosks, while also collecting user feedback.

The company aims to provide convenience and time saved to users by locating kiosks where people are already doing business – such as where they are getting gas or buying food.

Nebraska Mine Center

Beyond its kiosk expansion, AlphaBTC has also launched the Nebraska Mine Center (analogous to a data center) for mining cryptocurrency.

Weniger notes the importance of the center for people who want to mine, explaining that the equipment is very loud and hot, and requires an immense amount of electricity.  The equipment is therefore not suitable to be stored in people’s homes.

This necessitates a hosting solution such as offered by AlphaBTC’s Nebraska Mine Center. AlphaBTC is working with local power companies – OPPD, NPPD, LES, etc., for the optimum electric cost savings. Lower cost electricity enables increased mining profitability.

Weniger points out that with the growing popularity of mining, power companies will begin to reach capacity and will need to build. According to Weniger, Nebraska has the ability to generate a lot of renewable energy affordably, and he is optimistic that offering cheaper electricity for renewables will attract miners to do business here.

AlphaBTC has observed steady growth in interest in blockchain technology tied to events, blockchain development groups, and bitcoin meetups.  Weniger believes that as corporations increase learning and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, industry growth is only set to continue and increase.

Read more about AlphaBTC at https://alphabtc.com/.

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