Innovative Spaces Week 2018 is coming to St. Louis on October 9-12.


Innovative Spaces Week 2018 is coming to St. Louis on October 9-12.

Innovative Spaces Week by Multipass is an opportunity for attendees to explore ways to design for innovation and connect with pioneers across industries. Globally-acclaimed speakers will share insights on collaboration, futuristic thinking, and management of high-performing work environments.

Multipass says there has been a dramatic shift in how people work. According to information on their website, the International Data Corporation forecasts that by 2020, 72.3 percent of the US workforce will work from a mobile location.

This shift is changing how people are interacting with their environments. Workers now choose to work in places that inspire them and help them grow in all aspects of their lives, leading to a demand for human-centric spaces.

Innovative Spaces Week will kick off at 5 p.m. October 9th with guest speaker Kari Smith, a workplace knowledge consultant at Herman Miller. Her presentation is called “Metrics of High-Performing Workplaces.”

Events continue Wednesday with 1 Million Cups and Feature Event: Defining Your Organizational DNA. Thursday brings Venture Cafe: Foresight Workshop and closes out on Friday at Convo, one of the newest Innovative Spaces in downtown St. Louis.

For more information and a full schedule, visit the Innovative Spaces Week website.