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Understory continues to grow

On October 10, 2018, Understory, the Madison, Wisconsin based weather company, filed paperwork with the SEC recording a $6.5 million dollar raise.

The company which relocated from Somerville, Massachusetts in 2016 provides real-time weather microgrids that help provide accurate information for geo-specific places. This technology can be used by insurance carriers to better understand localized weather risk associated with crop to household (e.g. roofing, siding, etc.) insurance claims.

The company was founded by Alex Kubicek and Bryan Dow in Wisconsin in 2012 – going through the Gener8tor program in its inaugural class – but followed partners and money to the Boston area. The company has evolved to service multiple clients including the insurance industry, agricultural interests (including farmers), and utility companies.

The company provides a ground-based device that measures localized weather – wind speed, temperature, rain, hail, etc. This information is shared through their platform with a variety of interested parties to ensure awareness, efficient service, and long-term understanding of environmental micro-trends.

The company has cultivated a variety of investor groups over the years including Wisconsin state funds, Monsanto, and SK Ventures.

Visit its website at www.understoryweather.com to find out more about the company.

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