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VetMeasure raises $1.36 million in angel funding

VetMeasure raised $1.36 million in angel funding from undisclosed investors on October 26.

The Ames, Iowa-based company was founded in 2015 by Kevin Maher, and uses Bluetooth technology and a web application to track health and physiological conditions of dogs in real time.

The company has developed a dog harness it calls MeasureON! that detects an animal’s health statistics. The data collected enables veterinarians and owners to monitor the animal’s heart and pulse rates, respiration and body temperature, activity and ambient temperature, and humidity to determine an animal’s condition following surgical procedures or illness.

The company’s MeasureON! harness is intended to help veterinarians and owners optimize care and treatment options. The animal’s health information collected can be accessed while at the vet clinic, at home, or away.

The VetMeasure team comprises engineers, animal scientists, and animal enthusiasts, and is supported by veterinarian researches.

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