Drone Amplified growth ignited by Invest Nebraska seed funding


Lincoln-based Drone Amplified completed its second round of $460,000 in seed financing.

Invest Nebraska led the round with $80,000.  Co-investors included various Nebraska angels and Nelnet.

The November 8, 2018 financing round comes only a year after the first round with Invest Nebraska and various Nebraska angels – the same year Drone Amplified was founded.    

The company’s growth trajectory and innovation have been facilitated by grants and an exclusive license agreement with NUtech Ventures.  The company was recognized on the US Department of Interior’s 2017 list of top made-in-America innovations.

Drone Amplified uses drone technology to ignite, manage, and monitor controlled burns, and to manage wildfires. The company’s IGNIS ignition system mounted on its drone drops targeted spheres that generate flames on contact. The system can ignite 50-75 acres with a single payload.  

The drone provides enhanced control and lower costs compared to helicopter-based fire management, as well as greater safety for personnel by reducing exposure to potential fire management dangers.  

The company co-founders are Dr. Carrick Detweiler and Dr. Sebastian Elbaum.  Dr. Detweiler is a graduate of MIT and co-founded Nebraska Intelligent MoBile Unmanned Systems (NIMBUS) Lab with Dr. Elbaum.  Dr. Elbaum received his Ph.D. from the University of Idaho, and a Systems Engineering degree from Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, Argentina.  He also co-founded the EUSES Consortium to support end-user programmers.

Visit www.droneamplified.com to learn more about this company.  


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