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FactoryFix raises $1.5 million

FactoryFix, headquartered in Madison, WI has raised $1.5 million through convertible debt and a series of seed rounds.

The December 1, 2018 deal was led by Capital Midwest Fund with other undisclosed investors participating. FactoryFix plans to use the funds to expand its team.

The company, founded in 2015, provides a data-driven platform designed to connect manufacturing businesses with skilled labor. The platform enables manufacturing companies to screen candidates and hire manufacturing workers by the hour as they are needed.
FactoryFix is a solution to the need for skilled manufacturing workers to supplement full-time staff, or to help manage projects by hiring a flexible workforce during busy times.

Examples of manufacturing skill that can be found on the FactoryFix platform include engineers, mechanics, programmers, electricians, technicians, welders, and others. Businesses describe the job they seek to fill, review the matches generated, and hire the best fit. FactoryFix takes a 30 percent cut of the hourly rate paid by the employer.

Patrick O’Rahilly is founder and CEO of FactoryFix.

Visit www.factoryfix.com to learn more about this company.

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