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Invisibly raises $20.23 million

Clayton, Missouri-based Invisibly raised $20.23 million in Series A funding in 2018, led by premier Silicon Valley venture capital firm Founders Fund, which was founded by Peter Thiel and has also invested in SpaceX, AirBnB, and Spotify.

The company, founded in 2017, builds products that disrupt the attention economy.

The platform provides transparency for consumers into the data gathered about them online, and the value of their attention. It allows them to control and direct who receives that value.

For marketers, Invisibly offers enhanced engagement with consumers and turns advertising into a benefit, not an annoyance.

For content creators, Invisibly provides a way to sustainably monetize quality content in an era of struggling media companies.

Invisibly was founded by St. Louis native, serial entrepreneur, and master problem-solver Jim McKelvey. In addition to LaunchCode (a tech-training nonprofit), Cultivation Capital, and Third Degree Glass Factory, he also co-founded (along with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and others) mobile payment app Square, the ubiquitous multi-billion dollar company boasting over 600 employees.

Referencing the benefit of Invisibly to the publishing industry, McKelvey has said, “Users will actually watch fewer ads than they’re watching now, and the ads will be more honest,” he said. “You can bring better economics to the advertisers, the publishers and the consumers.”

Invisibly is but one more example of McKelvey’s authentic inclination and zeal for recognizing and tackling real problems. “The advice I give and have always personally followed is do something you care about,” McKelvey has said. “If you look at money as a motivator, it is really not that powerful. But if you care about a problem, that problem can pull you out of bed at five in the morning every day.”

Visit www.invisibly.com to read more about this company.

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