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SPN Community Survey: Wichita survey report

The Wichita community answered the call and completed more SPN community surveys than any other city.

We think that is fantastic and to show our gratitude we wanted to share the love. The following report is the compilation and tidbits of information that the citizens of Wichita were so gracious to share about their ecosystem.

What are the best features of your ecosystem?

  • Connecting activities
  • Small town feel
  • Collaboration, support
  • People help each other
  • Close network
  • Camaraderie and qualitative community support
  • Excellent network and support
  • Network

Knowledgeable community

  • They have a lot of organizations that claim to offer help.
  • Mentors
  • The people, willingness to help others, work ethic, humility
  • Engagement and growth opportunities
  • Continued improvement and support from the community
  • Community support
  • Broad community support
  • Community support
  • Very close community
  • Easy access to mentors
  • Collective support for each other
  • Millennial contingent taking pride in their city.
  • Wanting to provide a healthy work/ life balance
  • Engaged community

Financial capital

  • Our opportunity to get better, quickly
  • E2E
  • Cheap rent
  • Entrepreneurs


  • It is not crowded
  • University heavily involved,
  • Affordable infrastructure

Mission purpose and metrics

  • Focus on taking Wichita to the next level
  • People are tired of the status quo and ready to make change happen

Overall, we at SPN value the effort by communities to tell their own stories.  And we want to help by providing vehicles for local, diverse voices. While outside firms can help provide framework and validation to what is happening, it takes real leaders to build the ecosystem.  Wichita received extra credit for their efforts on the SPN survey. And we love Wichita for their collective response. Thank you!

We are actively trying to prioritize more Wichita stories because of their efforts.  And with or without SPN, we believe that more local stories about entrepreneurs can only help community’s ecosystems.

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