Kyle Tut: Inspiring disruption with blockchain


Kyle Tut started learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies almost two years ago. Not long after picking up interest in the subjects, he quit his job to dive into it full time.

He started teaching himself about the emerging technologies and although he went on to find success as the CEO and founder of BlockEra and Pinata, he admits now that he didn’t really know what to expect.

He found himself flying to New York to compete at the Consensus 2017 Building Blocks Hackathon, where he ended up winning the Hyperledger prize.

In total, he’s competed at 7 hackathons across the globe over the past year, winning at ETHWaterloo and ETHBerlin.

“I kept doing those to build knowledge and credibility,” said Tut.

His plan worked and now Tut works all over the country, helping other companies with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology solutions with BlockEra.

BlockEra simplifies the complexities of blockchains by providing blockchain strategy and prototyping capabilities to companies big and small.

“Through that [work], we were able to identify that blockchain applications were having trouble with their file storage solutions,” said Tut. “File storage [for blockchain] and things like that are a paradigm shift from what the traditional web uses.”

That’s where Pinata came onto the scene.

Pinata builds decentralized edge networks for blockchain and IoT applications utilizing IPFS.

Tut will be bringing his expertise to Omaha’s YP Summit on Friday, March 15. His breakout session titled Bigger Than Blockchain will discuss how the technology is inspiring technological, economic and political disruption through new forms of money movement and data control.

According to Tut, data has two main problems right now: Determining how to protect it and who actually owns it.

“Data is the new oil,” said Tut. “Blockchain is trying to solve this general trend that people are starting to be upset with how companies are interacting with our data. Hopefully, this space changes the paradigm of that.”


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