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5 ways to build your team and grow your company culture

apple-bag-collaboration-154 December 5, 2014 by

We all know that company culture is more than grabbing drinks after work and the occasional NERF gun battle, but for the Des Moines-based Bunchball team those are both important components. For the Iowa team working for California-headquartered gamification company Bunchball, creating a positive company culture and building a team from one remote employee to six has been a conscious and thoughtful process…  read more

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A Q&A on investor Q&As with pitch coach Nathan Gold

nathang December 4, 2014 by

Pitching to investors or an audience is slightly terrifying for just about any entrepreneur. But if you want to enter the game as co-founder of a company, it's assuredly part of the deal. To keep the bullets of sweat at a minimum, preparation is essential. Fortunately, we got in touch with pitch coach and professional speaker Nathan Gold, who recently spoke during Global Entrepreneurship Week about all the ways to prep wisely.   read more

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